Successful eLearning

computer with books and diplomaHere are 10 Tips to Help You Pass Online College by Lori Greenberg at Classes and Careers. Read the short article for more information on each tip!

  1. Accept that online doesn’t mean faster
  2. Practice good time management*
  3. Pay attention to course requirements and scheduling
  4. Pay attention to body mechanics
  5. Know your distractions*
  6. Engage with other students and create interaction
  7. Notes are not just for classrooms*
  8. Manage your space, but not the way you think
  9. Be tech savvy*
  10. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

*Remember, we have short tutorials to help you be more successful in your online classes: time management, how to study, note takingemail etiquette, and more!

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How to Get Things Done ~ Creative Market Blog

checkbox_markerCheck out these 10 tips on How to Get Things Done from Creative Market Blog. They just may help you increase your productivity and get things done faster!

  1. Free yourself from distractions
  2. Practice “Timeboxing”
  3. Prevent information overload
  4. Take care of your mind and body
  5. Utilize digital tools
  6. Use tactile tools
  7. Assign a value to different tasks
  8. Follow the S.M.A.R.T. method
  9. Celebrate your accomplishments
  10. Ask for help

Head on over to the Creative Market Blog to explore these tips in detail. And don’t forget to view our tutorial on Time Management!

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Mapping Out Your Academic Future


Somehow it is already the middle of April and another semester is coming to a close. Now is a great time to schedule an appointment with an advisor and start planning!

Confused about what course to take next? Interested in a certain career path? Unsure of where your interests may be? Is financial aid available? An advisor can assist you with these questions as well as help you register for upcoming summer or fall courses.

Remember, you do not need to be on campus to receive academic advising. Advisors are available to assist you via email or telephone. For those of you that are on campus, feel free to stop by the Student Success Center and schedule an appointment.

Contact an advisor today to help you stay on track!

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How to Develop Mastery

Anna Sabramowicz starts off this video stating “How can you guide your students, employees and clients towards mastery.” But this short video is perfect for anyone (not just teachers) needing to overcome obstacles and fixed mindsets, and to step outside their comfort zone. Anna’s 6 minute ‘Roadmap to Mastery’ plainly guides you through these 4 steps:

  1. Identify a person you’d like to emulate
  2. Deconstruct their mastery
  3. Sequence the challenges
  4. Practice with intense focus

Work Better, Smarter, and Faster with Chrome

Chrome Icon I recently had the opportunity to attend a Google Apps Training Bootcamp. The workshop provided an overload of information, ideas, and tips and tricks for using Google, Google Apps and Chrome. There was so much to learn and share but I’ll start with Chrome. I’ve attached a Get Started With Chrome pdf but here are a few highlights.

With Chrome you can:

  • Work offline – Read and write email, view your calendar, and read Docs. Your changes are synced with your account when you are back online.
  • Access hundreds of Apps with one click – From photo editors to project management.
  • Receive desktop notifications – Calendar reminders, chats and email.
  • Search everything from one place – The omnibox (address bar) is a powerful tool! We’ll soon post a quick screen capture of some advanced searching you can do.
  • Pin and save your tabs.

Read over the pdf and give Chrome a try! Feel free to ask any questions by leaving a comment.