$10K Scholarship Opportunity from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is helping students find their university and pay for it! All you have to do is set up a Decision Board and you could win a $10k scholarship. What is a Decision Board?

Decision Boards allows prospective students to manage their school decision process and get help from friends, family, alumni, and current students at each step in that process.

money imageThere are 3 simple steps for a chance to win:

  1. Build your Decision Board
  2. Add a university or field of study
  3. Share your board

Before you can create a Decision Board, you will need to have a LinkedIn account. Signing up is free (you can pay for a Pro account). LinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to engage with other professionals or students and helps you stay relevant and current. Joining LinkedIn gives you access to the latest career news and job opportunities.

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Unplug This Weekend

Social media conceptSophia Breene wrote a great article on Why Everyone Should Unplug This Weekend (And The One After That). She points out the importance of taking technology breaks and how staying plugged in 24/7 can be problematic. It’s “bad for our brains, bad for our relationships, and bad for our productivity.” A few of her points are:

  • Social media encourages brief, unfocused, multitasking-friendly “check ins” rather than long periods of absorption
  • Multitasking is a form of procrastination that distracts us from what’s important and inhibits the formation of short-term memories
  • Studies show spending tons of time online can actively harm relationships, interpersonal communication skills, and mental health
  • Constantly checking email, in particular, prevents people from distancing themselves from the work environment — which can make it impossible to keep stress in check

Breene, Sophia. “Why Everyone Should Unplug This Weekend (And The One After That).” Greatist, 9 August 2013. Web. 26 November 2013.

Take a few minutes and read the article. We have a long holiday weekend coming up; and yes, you probably want to connect with friends and family. Why not do it with a phone call instead of a tweet, Facebook status or text message? If you are lucky enough to be spending your holiday with friends and family – then spend it with them and not on your devices. Stop browsing and start participating!

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Get Organized!

School, work, email, social media, chores, family… how do we get it all done? Staying organized helps! Here’s a great infographic from Greatist on How to be the Most Organized Person in the World with quick, useful tips! Also, be sure to check out our short tutorial on Time Management.


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