Tutorials to Help with Summer Semester

Are you signed up for summer semester? Don’t forget about the many tutorials designed to help you be more successful in your classes! We currently have the following short tutorials available:
E-learning concept

  • Time Management
  • Test Taking Tips
  • Basic Grammar
  • Email Etiquette
  • How to Study
  • Note Taking
  • How to Write a Basic Essay
  • Plagiarism

You can view the tutorials on your computer or iPad. Be sure to check them out!

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UAS Sitka Faculty Win Award for Online Course

Last year Mary Purvis, Faculty Support Specialist, and Kathi Baldwin, Instructional Designer, created a course for all UAS Faculty called ED 593: Designing and Teaching an Online Course. They wanted the course to not only teach faculty about the things they need to know, but to also model the best practices that they know make a difference to student success. Among the creative approaches it uses are Alaskan fish, which serve as metaphors for the important parts of a successful online course that maximizes student learning and enjoyment.

BbProfilePicThe course was entered in the Blackboard Catalyst Awards program and Mary and Kathi were recently named winners of a Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course Program, which honors members of the community who design and develop exciting and innovative courses that represent the very best in technology and learning.

Part of the annual Blackboard Catalyst Awards program since 2000, the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program Award highlights technologically rich, engaging, well designed, and pedagogically sound courses that showcase best practices for the user community. Over 160 entries were evaluated in a rigorous peer-review process by more than 300 faculty and instructional designers. Submissions were judged on the following components: course design, interaction, collaboration, assessment and learner support.

The Blackboard Catalyst Awards program annually recognizes and honors innovation and excellence in the Blackboard global community of practice, where teachers and learners work every day to redefine what is possible when leveraging technology. Continue reading

How to Get Things Done ~ Creative Market Blog

checkbox_markerCheck out these 10 tips on How to Get Things Done from Creative Market Blog. They just may help you increase your productivity and get things done faster!

  1. Free yourself from distractions
  2. Practice “Timeboxing”
  3. Prevent information overload
  4. Take care of your mind and body
  5. Utilize digital tools
  6. Use tactile tools
  7. Assign a value to different tasks
  8. Follow the S.M.A.R.T. method
  9. Celebrate your accomplishments
  10. Ask for help

Head on over to the Creative Market Blog to explore these tips in detail. And don’t forget to view our tutorial on Time Management!

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