New Tutorial Added

tutorial image We’ve added a new tutorial to the blog! Study Skills – Listening and Taking Notes in Online Courses is a short tutorial that explores simple topics to help you succeed in your online courses. Topics include:

  • Why listening to lectures is difficult
  • Why it’s important to take notes during lectures
  • Is your attitude with you or against you?
  • What to do before class to prepare
  • What to do during class
  • What to write
  • How to listen attentively
  • What to do after a lecture

Click on the image to view the tutorial.

Resource Reminder

The Tips for Student Success blog many resources available to help you succeed as an online learner! Not only do our weekly blog posts provide you with helpful information, our Tutorials, Blackboard Help, and Additional Resources sections have a wealth of information to support student learning and address specific college-level concepts and skills.

On our Tutorials page you can find short tutorials, ranging from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. Currently we have:

  • What’s the Difference? UAS Online, UAOnline, Webmail Elmo…
  • Getting Started in Your UAS Sitka Course
  • Tips on How to Be An Engaged Online Learner
  • Blackboard: Behind the Scenes
  • Is Online Learning Right for Me?
  • Create Posts in WordPress
  • Edit Your Posts in WordPress
  • Test Taking Tips
  • Basic Grammar
  • Email Etiquette
  • How to Study
  • Note Taking
  • How to Write a Basic Essay
  • Plagiarism – What It is And How to Avoid it

Our Blackboard Help page has tutorials created by the university as well as YouTube tutorials provided by Blackboard.

On the Additional Resources page you’ll find links to tutorials and helpful documentation for:

  • Writing
  • Finding Sources
  • Citing Sources
  • What to Study in a Textbook
  • Learning Styles
  • MS Excel

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Success on Test Day

It’s not too early to start preparing for final exam week! For UAS students finals are December 8-13. We have two tutorials to help you get ready!

study graphic How to Study walks you through the basic steps of how to set up a successful study practice. Studying is a key part of successfully taking tests.
test tips graphic Test Taking Tips introduces you to an overview of general guidelines for successfully taking your college tests, tips on how to take multiple choice exams, and tips on how to take essay exams.


Note Taking and Technology

notes with ipadWe’ve blogged about the importance of note taking before and even created a tutorial for you. Our tutorial highlights specific note taking techniques using pen and paper. But what about taking notes using technology? With technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to take notes using our laptops, tablets or even our phones. But some research has stated that digital note taking may be less effective for learning. A recent article by Beth Holland discusses The 4Ss of Note Taking With Technology. In her article, Ms. Holland states:

…before making a blanket statement that one device may be better than another (e.g. pen vs. laptop) or calling into question what may be the best note-taking system, what if we approach the concept by identifying what is best for individual students?

Read her article to review the 4Ss – support, save, search and share; and decide if pen or keyboard works best for you!

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You Asked For It… 2

surveyEarlier this year, we conducted a student survey regarding this blog, the tutorials we developed, and suggestions for future tutorials. We reviewed the 43 responses and from those we determined much of what was suggested is available from other sources. View our post last week to see the tutorials we had already created or found for you.

This week we are providing you with more resources to respond to your suggestions.

Suggestions From Survey Respondents Links to Resource
Tutorial on bibliography using APA format
Different learning styles and how to apply them to class
How to cite different sources such as videos, movies, radio broadcasts, newspaper etc
What to study in a textbook
Writing for applications (job, school)
Writing personal letters and resumes

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Free Writing Resource!

This blog is a way for us to publicize our short tutorials that support student learning and address specific college-level concepts or skills. Another purpose of the blog is to find resources created by others that we think may benefit you. The OWL is one such resource. The user-friendly OWL provides writing support for college students with videos, interactive PDFs and quizzes. There are eight areas to explore:
owl graphic

  1. Locating Information & Writing With Sources
  2. Writing Process
  3. Grammar Essentials
  4. Essay Zone
  5. Digital Writing
  6. Paper Capers
  7. Avoiding Plagiarism
  8. ESL-OWL

You can access OWL on your computer, tablet or phone. Click on the image and take a tour today!

The Excelsior College OWL is a free, comprehensive writing resource offering multimedia support. The OWL covers topics such as the writing process, documentation, grammar, and more.


Blackboard Help for Students

We’ve added a new resource section for you! Blackboard Help is where you will find UAS-made tutorials as well as YouTube and pdf tutorials directly from Blackboard. More helpful videos and documents will be added as they are created. Click on the Blackboard Help tab in the top navigation to see what’s there for you now!

bb tab

You Asked For It…

surveyEarlier this year, we conducted a student survey regarding this blog, the tutorials we developed, and suggestions for future tutorials. We reviewed the 43 responses and from those we determined much of what was suggested is already available from other sources. Over the next few weeks we will be posting the resources we found that relate to the suggestions made.

A few of the respondents were not aware of some our current tutorials so we’ll start with the following:

Suggestions From Survey Respondents Tutorial or Link to Resource
Studying How to Study
How to find online tutoring and support services Is Online Learning Right For Me? (New!)
Student Success Center Tutoring
I want to learn how to schedule my day to add in homework Time Management for Students
How to write formal emails Email Etiquette
Resources found: Menlo College and Oxford University Press
Library article search Egan Library Distance Services
Using Blackboard
Blackboard tutorials with new interface
How to upload a file to Blackboard
Blackboard: Behind the Scenes (New!)

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Is Online Learning Right For Me?

onlineLearningYour success matters to us! And we know that the more you know, the more successful you’ll be.

The first component of our online orientation series will help you better understand online learning and decide if it’s right for you. It will help you understand:

  • the technology skills you need
  • the technical requirements for your computer
  • the personal skills you need
  • how to access resources to help you build those skills.

Once you know what it takes, you are on your way to success! Click on the image to view the tutorial!