Study Technique: Flashcards

flashcardsThere are many different ways to study, and some techniques work better for certain subjects than others. Some students prefer certain study techniques over others. Regardless of the technique used, there are some guidelines that apply to all study techniques.

  • Always begin you study session reviewing the oldest material first. As the week progresses always review the oldest materials-what you began studying at the beginning of the week-at the start of your study session. This helps solidify old material in your memory.
  • Always have goals for your study session. Don’t just grab you materials and try to figure out what you should be studying as you go. Instead, beforehand figure out what you plan to accomplish for the study session. Do you want to memorize a certain number of vocabulary words or a certain number of flashcards?
  • Be sure to take a ten minute break every hours. You  need to give yourself a chance to move around and relax.

Flashcards are a great study technique because:

  • You actually study as you create them.
  • You can mix up their order to challenge how well you know the material.
  • They make it easy for you to have goals for you study session. For example, you could plan to go through 25 flashcards as a part of your study session goal.

There are many online sites where you can search for flashcards by subject or create your own. You can even share them with fellow students. Here are just a few to check out: CardkiwiQuizlet, Flashcard Machine, Studyblue, and Cram. Want a mobile version? Search for ‘flashcards’ on your Apple or Andriod device. You will find free and paid versions.

Be sure to view our short tutorial on How to Study for more great tips on study techniques!