Love Life and Be Grateful

The Sitka community is suffering but also pulling together in an amazing effort to help those in need. The landslide that occurred Tuesday morning, obliterating an entire home, damaging another, sending a 15 ft high wave of logs, mud and debris down the mountain will not be easy to forget. Three people were lost, two confirmed dead so far. We are grateful for all of the rescue workers, families and friends who are providing aid and assistance to the families who were affected. We are grateful for those who managed to outrun the landslide and for two dogs returned to their loving family.

In just an instant nature reminds us of how fragile and short our lives are, reminds us to tell our friends and family how much they mean to us. In that spirit, the Title III Team wants to thank you for being part of our Faculty Learning Corner and Tips for Student Success family and striving to improve the online learning experience for your students. Go home and enjoy your children and other loved ones, pet your animals, do something silly and smile just because you can.

— message by Mary Purvis on behalf of the entire Title III team