The Power of Life Long Learning

Learning is, as educational philosopher Maxin Green argues, the hope that lights up the other end of the tunnel. Through learning, we get to discover and better understand our inner worlds as well as the world around us. As a life-long journey, learning is an eternal endeavour, a passion that lives with us from cradle to grave.

Source: 3 Must Watch TED Talks on The Power of Life Long Learning ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
lifelong learning graphicClick the link above to view the three short TED Talks:

  1. The life-long learner by Ben Dunlap
  2. Essentials for Lifelong Learning Danny Stillion
  3. Smash Fear, learn anything by Tim Ferriss


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Super Notes – Free App

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Super Notes
is a free app available in iTunes for the iPhone and iPad. This app allows you to take quick and efficient notes and is great for school, work and daily life. With it you can type, record, or type while recording/playing, and add in photos. Your notes are color coded making them easy to find, and you can set reminders and share your notes. This app is perfect for lectures, meetings, conferences, interviews, debriefings, brainstorming, quick notes, to-do lists, planning, and more. Click on the icon to view more details and to download! (Paid version is also available.)

National College Savings Day

piggy bankToday, May 29th (5/29) is national college savings day!

A 529 College Saving Plan is “a tax-advantaged way for families to save money for college tuition and education-related expenses. The ‘529’ refers to the section of the Internal Revenue Code that created these plans.”

The University of Alaska College Saving Plan (CSP) is an easy, tax-advantaged way to save for future college expenses. Benefits of the UA CSP are:

  • Anyone can open or contribute to a 529 account—relatives and friends.
  • A low minimum investment—you can start with as little as $25/month.
  • Your and/or your child’s PFD can be used to fund an account.
  • Any earnings are tax-deferred and you pay no federal taxes on withdrawals for qualified educational expenses.
  • No income restrictions.
  • ACT Portfolio carries a tuition value guarantee.
  • A variety of low cost, no load and no commission investment options.
  • Gift and Estate Tax benefits.
  • Account holders choose how and when funds are used.
  • Professional investment management by T. Rowe Price.

For more information visit the UA CSP website.

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Scholarship Opportunity

scholarship badge imageThe Sitka Campus has scholarship opportunities available for different programmatic and demographic uses in supporting students. Any Sitka student wishing to be considered for these awards must fill out the UA Foundation scholarship application online. Students must be in good financial aid standing and have completed the FAFSA in most cases.

The website mentions a February deadline for this application to be considered for Foundation funds but Sitka Program students can apply year-round for campus foundation funds. Interested students should complete the application and contact Chris Washko, Student Success Manager, for more instructions or with questions.

Email Chris Washko
Telephone: 907-747-7703

Visual Guide to Citing Sources in MLA Format

Another great resource from The Visual Communication Guy!

Visual Guide to MLA Format

How It Works

Using the fan chart and by associating the numbers with the citation parts in the key to the right, you can cite nearly any source in MLA format. Here’s how:

1) Locate the type of source you are trying to cite within one of the four source categories: Books, Periodicals, Online Sources, or Other.
2) Identify the colored thread in the fan chart that is associated with your source.
3) Moving left to right in your source’s column of trapezoids, jot down each number.
4) Use the list below to match the number with the complete citation information for each number. Note: The punctuation in each numbered item is exactly as it should appear in your citation.
5) Fill out your citation in the proper order.

You can purchase the 30 x 20 poster by visiting the author’s online store.